Google & Twitter Making Up is Huge!

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In an article about the renewed relationship with Google and Twitter, Ad Age Magazine makes some great points about the power of these two entities working together. It is imperative that your advertisers, and those you market and socialize, understand the positive AND negative results that can come from this relationship – and how to use it to win with search, not lose with reputation management.

One of the more important points that I think Ad Age made has to do with what you’re saying in your Tweet. Treating it like an ad or a mini-landing page is most likely a major change to how most people tweet. If you’re treating it like an ad, what are you using as your “click to action?” And where does that click take your user? (Remember the importance of click path optimization.) While treating it like a landing page, remember everything you’ve learned about on-site optimization. (Here’s a great link to an – On-Page SEO Checklist). Front loaded key words are king!

Using the new relationship between Google and Twitter also will have a great impact on Reputation Management, if used correctly. Now Tweets won’t really go away – you can no longer think if you tweet it farther down the page, it will disappear. As we’ve all learned – Google-centric words can haunt you forever and take far too much energy to undo after they’re done. It will hopefully create a very synergistic relationship between your relationship monitoring and alerting tools and the conversations that are going on within Social Networking about your brand. Remember not to shy away from negative conversations, but publically embrace those conversation and use the forum to solve the issue and take care of your customers – it’s a no-brainer, but yet so many advertisers are afraid of touching those conversations.

The news of the Google and Twitter relationship is a great thing to advertisers everywhere – but with power there are risks! Use it wisely my friends.

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